Dr. Alonso’s research interests include US Latinx literature, Latin American literature, gender and sexuality studies, and queer theory. She is currently working on a book manuscript about exiles in Chicanx queer iterature. She has published the following articles:

Upcoming. “The Coming-of-Age Experience in Chicanx Queer Novels.” Nerds, Goths, Geeks, and Freaks: Outsiders in Chican@/Latin@ Young Adult Fiction, edited by Trevor Boffone and Cristina Herrera, University Press of Mississippi, 2019.

Upcoming. “Teaching Queer Chicana Writers through Historical Research, Online Blogs and Podcasts.” Options for Teaching Series: Teaching the Narrative of Mexicana and Chicana Writers, edited by Elizabeth Martínez, The Modern Language Association of America, 2019.

“Abriendo caminos con las huellas del pasado: El Proyecto de Recuperación de la Herencia Literaria Hispana de los Estados Unidos.” Plaza: Dialogues in Language and Literature [Online], 2.2 (2012): 105-112.